Music, a Great Joy in life.

By Landen Raszick

Sound. Hearing is one of the main senses, and one of the most important. We can hear ghastly sounds, mournful sounds, and pleasant sounds. Since the dawn of man, humanís ears have tingled at hearing some extraordinary sounds. Oh, today we have built upon these noises, expanded them to different varieties, but all are amazing. It is a pitch that could take you to another world, could lift your spirit so high, you are afraid itíll fly out of your mouth, simply a wave that when flows through human ears, creates a wonderful feeling of ecstasy, and brings people closer. This, is music.

Music is all based on sound waves. If you tamper with the waves you can make different sounds. From that basis we created instruments, then bands, then even different styles of waves. Country, rock, hip-hop, heavy metal, jazz, there is something for every one. Every personsí ears are different and receive the sound waves differently, thatís why some like one kind of music, and others donít.

Next, when sound waves enter your ear the sensation flows to the brain where it then, so to speak, tickles select parts of the brain. But music does not only strike the happy nerve. Depending on the rhythm, melody, or tempo, music can induce sleepiness, sadness, or even fear. But the main reason that people enjoy music is because it is a way to forget your problems and just be happy.

Furthermore, it is more fun being merry with loved ones than by yourself. This leads me to my point that music brings all people close together. Take a ball for example, you go to a place youíve never seen, and dance to music. Can you dance without that music? That music puts all in a gay mood and you start to chat, and before you know it youíve made five new friends. Music isnít just to meet new friends though, but itís also a way to bring families together. I donít see my grandma too often, but I can always count on her being at my piano recital or band concert.

In conclusion, music does many wonderful things for us. It brings us together, itís a way to go to another wonderful world, with none of the everyday stresses, and we can choose any type that appeals to us. I believe it was a big step in human progress. Therefore, whether listening, or playing, music is a great joy in life to all who partake in it.