My 70 Gallon Saltwater System

Sept 2007 - 2 tanks (upper is 15gal custom acrylic, bottom is 55gal glass) both share same water system

Sunpolyps - Oct 2007

  Carnation Coral with Linkia starfish - sep 2007

Feb 2006 -Maroon Clown fish with Anemone


Aug 2005 - Maroon Clown fish with her Anemone

Luanne & Kali watching the fish tank xenia hitches a ride on a hermit crab
Zooanthids (soft Coral) - look at the growth in 8 months!!!
Pulsing Xenia Xenia, Bullseye mushroom, and Mandarin goby

Skunk Cleaner Shrimp cleaning around the Bullseye Mushroom

  Mandarin Goby checking out the zoos and xenia
Clown Tang checking out the Bulb tip Anemone Flame Angelfish with some snails